Hands-on workshop on MRM / PRM for multiplexed protein quantitation

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Hands-on training

The workshop focusses on all technical aspects required for both MRM and PRM approaches to quantify multiple proteins in complex real world biological and clinical samples.

Individual groups

In small goups (max. 5 attendees each) participants will learn sample preparation, development and optimization of the MRM / PRM approach as well as data acquisition and analysis using different LC / MS systems and software.

Tutorials and lectures

The workshop will be accompanied by in-depth tutorials and lectures.


Keynote speaker: John R. Yates.

Lecturers: Sebastien Gallien, Christoph Borchers

Sample preparation

All you need to do - and what you shouldn't do - to prepare your samples for quantitative proteomics. 

Method setup

Get insight in the method setup and acquisition modes on different instruments: live demos on the Thermo Fisher Q-Exactive HFTM, TSQ VantageTM and QTrap 6500TM, live interactive video tutorials on the Xevo TQDTM (Waters) and the Triple Quad 6500+ SystemTM (Sciex).



Software application

Learn the basics and professional tricks on how to apply Skyline, an open source software for creating targeted methods for large-scale quantitative mass spectrometry studies in life sciences, to get the most out of your MS data. 

Workshop progam

Workshop fees
(3-day workshop, including catering and social program)

HUPO / EuPA Members

Student:                   500,- Euros
Academia:               900,- Euros
Industry:                1250,- Euros

Non HUPO / EuPA Members

Student:                   750,- Euros
Academia:             1350,- Euros
Industry:                1875,- Euros

All prices including VAT (19%), if applicable.



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